California, emergenza incendi: 100 persone risultano disperse

In fumo 57 mila acri nella contea di Sonoma
Mosca, 10 Oct 2017 06:49:00
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS/Sputnik
Oltre cento persone risultano disperse nella contea di Sonoma in California , tra le più colpite dagli incendi che stanno devastando la California. Il governatore dello Stato Jerry Borown ha dichiarato lo stato di emergenza: 10 persone sono morte, circa cento sono rimaste ferrite, mentre sono andati in fumo circa 57 mila acri e sono stati distrutti 1500 edifici. Per oltre 20 mila persone è stata disposta l’evacuazione.

The authorities in Sonoma County of the US state of California have received over 100 reports about people missing as a result of wildfires roaring across the state, SFGate newspaper reported citing the county's spokesman, Scott Alonso, on Tuesday. The fires started on Monday prompting California’s Governor Jerry Brown to declare the state of emergency in the areas hit by the disaster. Sonoma sheriff Robert Giordano said earlier on Tuesday that at least 10 death resulted from the wildfires. Other local media reported that some 100 people had sought medical help due to fire-related injuries and health conditions. Also, the fire reportedly destroyed around 1,500 buildings and burned some 57,000 acres of land across eight counties in California with some 20,000 people evacuated across the state.