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Francia, sondaggio: 64% intervistati preoccupato per situazione economica futura

Timori in particolare fra i sostenitori dell’ex Front National
fonte: AGV - Agenzia Giornalistica il Velino/Sputnik
di Velino International

Il 64% dei francesi è preoccupato per il futuro dell’economia del Paese, l’1% in più rispetto a giugno. Secondo il sondaggista Odoxa, i sostenitori del partito National Rally (RN, ex Front National) sono preoccupati per l’economia del Paese più di altri, con l’85% di loro che dubita del futuro. I sostenitori di LaRem, il partito fondato dal presidente Emmanuel Macron, mostrano invece la massima fiducia nel futuro della Francia e solo il 23% di loro pensa il contrario. Il sondaggio è stato condotto il 27-28 giugno tra 967 persone di età superiore ai 18 anni.

Sixty-four percent of the French are concerned over the future of the country’s economy, a growth of 1 percent from June, a poll showed Thursday. According to the Odoxa pollster, supporters of the National Rally party (RN, formerly the Front National) are concerned over the country’s economy more than others, with 85 percent among them doubting the future. Supporters of LaRem, the party founded by French President Emmanuel Macron, showed the most confidence in their country’s future, with only 23 percent among them feeling the opposite. The pollster also asked respondents about their expectations from the head of France’s main employer union MEDEF, who will be elected next week. Eighty-three percent said they would like the new MEDEF chief to propose measures to control the growth of salaries of top managers, while 80 percent wanted the union leader to put an emphasis on adding worker representatives to company administration councils. Moreover, 67 percent of respondents stated they would like MEDEF to agree that the companies that prefer mostly short-term contracts should be taxed more heavily, while 57 percent wanted the union head to demand a lower tax burden on French business in order to align the taxation with the impact on German companies. The survey was carried out on June 27-28 among 967 people aged over 18.


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