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Petrolio, Dudley (Bp): dubito che prezzo arrivi a 100 dollari al barile

"A meno che non si verifichino conflitti ma non me lo aspetto"
fonte: AGV - Agenzia Giornalistica il Velino/Sputnik
di Velino International

L’amministratore delegato del gruppo BP Bob Dudley ha detto a Sputnik che dubita che i prezzi del petrolio raggiungeranno i 100 dollari al barile “a meno che non ci siano restrizioni geopolitiche al flusso di petrolio, intendo conflitti, e non me lo aspetto”. Così Dudley a margine del Forum economico internazionale di San Pietroburgo (SPIEF).

BP Group Chief Executive Bob Dudley told Sputnik on Thursday he doubted that oil prices would reach $100 per barrel. “There are people predicting that it will be $100 [per barrel], I don’t think it will be $100 unless there are geopolitical restrictions to the flow of oil, I mean conflict, and I don’t expect that,” Dudley said on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). SPIEF, held annually in Russia’s second largest city of St. Petersburg, is a major global platform for communication between business representatives and the discussion of crucial economic issues. The event started earlier in the day and will continue through Saturday. Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency is the official media partner of the forum.

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