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‘Characters in Search of Pirandello’ staged in Budapest

Next 17 and 18 May
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS
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The Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest will host a performance entitled ‘Characters in Search of Pirandello’ next 17 and 18 May to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Luigi Pirandello’s birth. The play will be performed by the Budalol theatre company in the Institute’s Federico Fellini Hall at 7 p.m. In the performance, “Six Characters in Search of an Author” will be disturbed by other characters created through the pen of the Sicilian author, including the main character of “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand”. The performance will feature actors Fatime Halmos, Paolo Arrighetti, Mario Cossu, Michele Sità and musician Elemér Fehér. Pirandello’s texts have been adapted by Michele Sità.