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Francia, Jean Marie Le Pen: decisione Marion costerà cara a Fronte Nazionale

“Era lei per carisma e intelligenza il futuro del partito”
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS/Sputnik
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La decisione di Marion Marechal-Le Pen potrebbe incidere negativamente sui risultati del Fronte nazionale alle prossime elezioni. Parola del fondatore del Fn, nonché nonno di Marion, Jean-Marie Le Pen. “Temo ci saranno conseguenze per la composizione dell’Assemblea nazionale. Questa decisione potrebbe costare cara a Marine”, ha detto Le Pen padre. Secondo il quale, non sua figlia, fresca di sconfitta alle presidenziali, ma sua nipote “per età, carisma e intelligenza rappresentava il futuro”. E per il quale Marine ha invece commesso diversi errori tra cui il suo mancato coinvolgimento nella campagna presidenziale. Le elezioni legislative sono previste per l’11 e il 18 giugno.

The decision of Marion Marechal-Le Pen, a French lawmaker from the National Front (FN) party, to quit politics may bode poorly for the party’s hopes at the upcoming legislative elections, FN founder and Marechal-Le Pen’s grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen said Thursday. “In terms of the legislative elections, the departure [of Marion Marechal-Le Pen] is going to have a strong influence. I even fear that there may be negative consequences for the FN, which may not win as many seats as expected in the [National] Assembly. It might cost dearly to Marine [Le Pen],” Jean-Marie Le Pen told Le Parisien newspaper. Le Pen added that he might have been too harsh in initially branding his granddaughter’s departure as “desertion,” as after learning her reasoning, mostly related to her personal life, he “began to understand.” According to Le Pen, his granddaughter “with her age, her charisma and her mind, represented future,” which was very important for the party. Marine Le Pen’s father also reportedly said that his daughter made certain mistakes during her recent presidential campaign, including failure to involve him. Marine Le Pen lost to independent Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the election, held on May 7, with 33.9 percent of the votes, against his 66.1 percent. The two-round legislative election is scheduled for June 11 and June 18.