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Israele-Palestina, Abbas: prontoa incontrare Netanyahu sotto auspici Usa

Israele-Palestina, Abbas: prontoa incontrare Netanyahu sotto auspici Usa
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS/Sputnik
di Velino International

Il leader palestinese Mahmoud Abbas ha affermato di essere pronto a incontrare il primo ministro israeliano Benjamin Netanyahu sotto gli auspici del presidente degli Stati Uniti Donald Trump. “Abbiamo detto a Trump che siamo pronti a collaborare con lui e a incontrare il primo ministro israeliano sotto i suoi auspici per arrivare alla pace” ha sottolineato Abbas durante una conferenza stampa congiunta con il presidente tedesco Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Già il 19 aprile scorso Abbas aveva detto durante un’intervista con il giornale giapponese “Asahi Shimbun” di essere disposto a incontrare il primo ministro israeliano negli Stati Uniti. Mercoledì c’è stato un incontro tra Abbas e Trump alla Casa Bianca. Durante i colloqui, Trump ha dichiarato di essere impegnato ad aiutare Israele e i palestinesi a raggiungere la pace.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday said he was ready to carry out talks with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the auspices of US President Donald Trump. “We affirmed to [Trump] that we are ready to cooperate with him and meet the Israeli prime minister under his auspices in order to make peace,” Abbas said at a joint press conference with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as quoted by The Jerusalem Post newspaper. Abbas’ statement on his readiness for talks with Israel comes for the second time over one month. On April 19, he told in an interview to Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, that he was willing to meet with Israel’s prime minister in the United States. On Wednesday, a meeting between Abbas and Trump took place in the White House. During the talks, Trump said he was committed to helping Israel and the Palestinians reach peace. According to Thursday’s statement by the White House, Trump is expected to visit the Palestinian Authority during a trip to the Middle East later in May. Over the decades, Palestinians have been seeking diplomatic recognition for their independent state on the territories of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which is partially occupied by Israel, and the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government refuses to recognize Palestine as an independent political and diplomatic entity and continues to build settlements in the occupied areas, despite objections from the United Nations. The recent direct peace talks between the countries collapsed in 2014.