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Morocco, Malika Ayane to perform in Rabat on 8 April

At Rabat’s Mohammed V Theatre next 8 April
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS
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The Italian Cultural Institute in Rabat, in partnership with the Italian Embassy, will host a concert by Malika Ayane at Rabat’s Mohammed V Theatre next 8 April. It will be a musical “journey” across the different souls of the Italian artist, spanning from her most acoustic songs to those inspired by the ballroom music of the ‘60s, from Caribbean and tribal rhythms to more urbane atmospheres with electric sounds and the influence of Berlin’s and London’s “club culture”. Ayane will perform together with Daniele Di Gregorio (drums and percussions), Carlo Gaudiello (piano and keyboard), Marco Mariniello (bass and double bass), Giulia Monti (cello) and Stefano Brandoni (guitar).