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Esteri, Francia

Francia, sondaggio Odoxa: quasi il 90% dei cittadini ritiene Fillon “disonesto”

Della stessa opinione anche i due terzi dei suoi sostenitori. Per il 75% non dovrebbe correre per le elezioni presidenziali
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS/Sputnik
di Velino International

L’89 per cento dei francesi ritiene che il candidato presidenziale François Fillon “non sia onesto” mentre il 76 per cento che “non sia convincente”. È quanto rivela un sondaggio Odoxa. Secondo l’indagine, i dubbi di onestà di Fillon persistono anche tra i suoi sostenitori principali, quelli che votano per i repubblicani e che per lo più hanno intenzione di votare per lui: i due terzi di costoro pensano che il proprio candidato non sia un uomo onesto. Inoltre, il 75 per cento di chi ha risposto al sondaggio crede che Fillon abbia sbagliato a partecipare alla corsa presidenziale dopo essere stato messo sotto indagine formale e che dovrebbe dimettersi.

A total of 89 percent of the French believe presidential candidate Francois Fillon is “not honest,” while 76 percent do not think he is “convincing,” a poll by Odoxa showed on Friday. According to the survey, doubts in Fillon’s honesty persist even among his core supporters, those who back The Republicans party he belongs to and who mostly still intend to vote for him, with two-thirds among them thinking that their candidate is not an honest man. The poll showed that 78 percent of the respondents said that Fillon was “not in touch with their concerns,” which signified a loss of 10 points within a little more than two months. In the same period, Fillon lost 16 percentage points in terms of his ability to convince people, dropping to 76 percent. According to the survey, 75 percent think that Fillon is wrong to have stayed in the presidential race after being placed under formal investigation, and that he should step down. In early March, Fillon reaffirmed at a press conference his decision to stay in the presidential race despite pledging earlier to drop out if he were personally targeted by a formal investigation. At the same press conference, Fillon confirmed that he had been summoned for questioning before the investigating magistrate over employing his wife in the past as a parliamentary assistant, for which she was paid without allegedly doing the required work. On Tuesday, a day before the scheduled date, Fillon had to stand before the magistrate, where he refused to answer the questions and offered a written statement instead, in which he reiterated once again that his wife’s employment had been real.