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Italy-Argentina, Crosa presents her book in Buenos Aires

Italy-Argentina, Crosa presents her book in Buenos Aires
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS
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The book “Las Argentinas bajamos de los barcos” (“We Argentinian Women got off Boats”) will be presented on Tuesday, 21 March, by the authoress Alicia Antonia Crosa, together with writer Ida De Vincenzo. The presentation is organised in conjunction with the Italian Consulate General in Buenos Aires. As the authoress said: “There is something in life that nobody can escape and this is the incapacity of experiencing it without questioning oneself on one’s origin. Argentinians are mostly the offspring of immigrants who, starting from an initial loss, have integrated into a stratified society in which women have continued to occupy their historic asymmetric position.” The book analyses the psychological effects of this reality in a gender-specific perspective. Alicia Antonia Crosa, a psychoanalyst and clinical and forensic psychologist, was born in La Plata and lives in Buenos Aires. She teaches psychology at the UNLP and has written several books on the subjects of her specific competence. Ida de Vincenzo has a background similar to that of many women who immigrated from Calabria. She was born in Cropalati, in the province of Cosenza, and despite the passing of time, her family has continued to talk of the land left behind and of the matters concerning their Calabrian family. This is the experience from which she drew inspiration for her book “Cropalati. Il mio paese, la mia nostalgia” (“Cropalati. My town, my nostalgia”).