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Germany, Emidio Campi talks on Luther’s influence in Italy

Germany, Emidio Campi talks on Luther's influence in Italy
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS
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The Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin next 2 March will host a lecture by Emidio Campi from the University of Zurich. The lecture is part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which is considered to be a milestone in German history. Prof Campi is professor emeritus of the Faculty of Theology and director of the Institute for Swiss Reformation Studies and will talk about the religious beliefs of Michelangelo. The lecture will be the first of a cycle entitled #luther_in_italien which will aim to clarify the influence of Luther on Italian culture. A historian of the Church, Prof Campi is specialised on the Reformation in Italy and Switzerland and has published several studies on John Calvin, Pietro Martire Vermigli, Huldrich Zwingli, Heinrich Bullinger and other reformers.