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Serbia, first Italian Design Day in Belgrade on 2 March

Serbia, first Italian Design Day in Belgrade on 2 March
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS
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The first Italian Design Day, the international day promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to celebrate the excellence of Italian design in the world, will be held next 2 March. The initiative is promoted by the Italian Embassy and Cultural Institute in Belgrade in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture at Mikser House, in order to promote an important sector of Italian culture and economy which involves 100 “ambassadors” (designers, entrepreneurs, journalists, critics, communicators, teachers…) who will illustrate experiences, projects and ideas in 100 events in 100 cities worldwide. Italian design has been able to renew itself over time by using innovative processes, materials and technologies. It also promotes the continuous renewal of themes and schemes, endlessly fuelled by the creativity of authors and the stimulus of customers. In Italy, design pervades the areas of culture, art, and philosophy. Its modernity arises from the concreteness of traditional craftsmanship and a passion for experimentation. The concept that the beauty of design must also apply to mass produced items makes art and design coexist and prosper to their mutual benefit. It is mainly the discovery of the appeal of ordinary objects – lamps, chairs, pans, bicycles, etc. – that we can bring into our everyday lives and in the life of the community in which we live. For the first Italian Design Day, the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade will also present a round table on contemporary design at Mikser House, a venue that favours the development of creative talents and offers visibility to the professionals of the Balkans. The round table will include Italian architect Nicola Di Battista, editor-in-chief of the Domus magazine, architect Vladimir Lojanica, fashion designer Dragana Ognjenovic, industrial designer Marko Lukovic while architect Zoran Ðukanovic will moderate their exchange of experiences and opinions on design and architecture in the present phase of cultural transition and cross-fertilisation.