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Francia, mea culpa di Fillon: errore aver assunto mia moglie

Il candidato alle presidenziali: non rinuncio alla corsa all'Eliseo
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS/Sputnik
di Velino International

Il candidato presidenza francese Francois Fillon ha pubblicato la dichiarazione dei redditi di sua moglie per fare chiarezza circa i compensi ricevuti dalla donna retribuita in passato come sua assistente parlamentare. “In tutti questi anni ho lavorato per il mio paese senza mai violare la legge o venire meno ai miei valori” ha scritto in una nota Fillon che ha elencato anche tutti i suoi beni, compresa una casa nella regione Sarthe, valutata circa 750.000 euro e la proprietà di parte di due case di suo padre, del valore di 175.000 euro. Fillon che non intende ritirarsi dalla corsa all’Eliseo ha definito un errore aver assunto la moglie, ma sostiene che il compenso da lei percepito da era “perfettamente giustificato”. Fillon, tra i favoriti per la corsa alle presidenziali francesi è stato travolto a fine gennaio dallo scandalo dei compensi erogati alla moglie e ai suoi figli tra il 2005 e il 2007. Il primo turno delle elezioni presidenziali francesi è previsto per il 23 aprile, il ballottaggio per il 7 maggio.

French presidential candidate Francois Fillon uploaded a declaration of his wife’s finances to his website following a scandal around Penelope Fillon’s possibly fake paid employment. The declaration, released on Monday night, includes all the sums received by Fillon’s wife while she was working as his parliamentary assistant. In the attached statement, the center-right candidate said he understood that he had to provide explanations and he was willing to do so as he had nothing to hide. “I want to tell my fellow countrymen that all these years I have worked for my country without ever breaching the law or departing from my values,” Fillon said. Fillon also listed all his property, including a house in the Sarthe region, evaluated at 750,000 euros (over $800,000) and a partial ownership of his father’s two houses amounting to more than 175,000 euros. The candidate reaffirmed once again what he said at Monday’s press conference, that his wife’s employment was legal and that he would not drop out of the presidential race. On Monday, Fillon also said that he could understand that the public opinion on certain issues had changed over time and employing family was no longer acceptable, even if legally permitted. Fillon offered his regrets and apologies to the French. Fillon, who was initially one of the pollsters’ favorites, saw his ratings drop after the scandal broke out in late January around his wife allegedly having been paid from state funds for jobs without exercising her duties. French media also questioned Fillon’s children’s employment as his parliamentary assistants between 2005 and 2007. The center-right candidate has repeatedly denied all accusations and pledged to continue fighting. The first round of the French presidential elections is slated for April 23, with the run-off scheduled for May 7.