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Berlin showcases exhibit dedicated to Marcello Mastroianni

Berlin showcases exhibit dedicated to Marcello Mastroianni
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS
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The Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin, in cooperation with Cineteca di Bologna [film library], organised an exhibition on Marcello Mastroianni to be inaugurated on 8 February. The exhibit will open with a lecture by Gian Luca Farinelli, Director of the Cineteca. Photos and posters which narrate the story of one of the most famous actors ever, will be on show until 10 March. Cineteca di Bologna is one of the most important film libraries in Europe. In 2012, it became a foundation – Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna – with the Municipality of Bologna being the sole shareholder. The film library was established on 18 May 1962, and since 1989 it is a member of the Federation Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF) and, since its inception, also a member of the Association des Cinemateques Europeennes (ACE). Farinelli is internationally recognised to be one of the major world experts in film restoration and the Cineteca first converted his term contract into a para-subordinate work contract and subsequently contracted him to cover a management position.