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Bielorussia, Lukashenko offre cooperazione militare all’Egitto

Il presidente in visita al Cairo
fonte: ilVelino/AGV NEWS/Sputnik
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Il presidente della Bielorussia, Alexander Lukashenko ha offerto assistenza all’Egitto per lo sviluppo dell’industria militare. “Siamo pronti a darvi tutto l’aiuto e l’assistenza possibile se siete interessati” ha detto Lukashenko in visita al Cairo al ministro della difesa egiziano, Sedki Sobhi. Lukashenko lo ha invitato in Bielorussia per verificare le competenze in ambito militare del Paese.”Vi mostreremo le nostre capacità. Se siete interessati alle tecnologie che abbiamo da offrire potremmo unire le forze” ha detto il Presidente. Il ministro egiziano ha elogiato il potenziale militare della Bielorussia e l’avanzamento del Paese nel campo della tecnologia militare

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has offered Egypt assistance in developing its military industry, during the ongoing visit to Cairo, his press office said Monday. “We have no off-limits spheres of cooperation. We are ready to give you all help and assistance we can manage if you are interested,” Lukashenko was quoted as saying to Egypt’s Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi. Lukashenko has invited Col. Gen. Sobhi, who is also Egypt’s commander-in-chief, to come to Belarus to get first-hand experience of its military potential. “We’ll demonstrate to you our capabilities. If you are interested in the technologies we have to offer we could join forces,” the president added, according to his office’s statement. The Egyptian minister praised Belarus’s military potential and its advance in the sphere of military technology, saying he hoped the two nations would work closer together.